Basic user registration

To gain access to the GATS platform, you need to create an account. There are two types of users on GATS, Basic Users and Digital Certificate Users. In this video you will cover the Basic User registration including:

  • Registering with GATS
  • Setting your new Password
  • Navigating to your User Dashboard


Digital Certificate User

To access the wider functionality of GATS such as creating and modifying Trusts, you will need to become associated with a GATS Entity account, which first requires you to become a Digital Certificate User. In this video, you learn about:

  • Becoming a GATS Digital Certificate User
  • Navigating the Verification Process via ID Pal
  • Navigating to your User Dashboard


Search the GATS e-Ledger

Search the GATS e-Ledger allows you to purchase a search certificate outlining the various events that took part in a specific trust. In this video you will learn about:

  • Performing an E-ledger search
  • Search Criteria
  • Search Results
  • Downloading a search certificate


Creating an Entity Profile on GATS

To create trusts and transact in gats, you will need to create an Entity profile. This video will cover:

  • Registering a GATS Participant, GATS Trustee or GATS Professional Entity profile
  • Populating Entity, Administrator and Back-Up Administrator details
  • Navigating to the User Dashboard


Creating an Non-GATS Entity Profile on GATS

Non GATS entities can perform a limited number of tasks on GATS such as e-Ledger Searches. This video will cover:

  • Registering a Non-GATS Entity profile
  • Populating Entity, Administrator and Back-Up Administrator details


Creating an Escrow Facility and Populating Designated Transactions

The GATS Escrow Facility is one of the most important parts of GATS. In this video you will cover:

  • Creating an Escrow Facility
  • The Escrow Facility Progress bar
  • Populating Designated Transactions
  • Release and closing of an Escrow Facility



FAA Compliance (US Trust Branches)

The Office of the Aeronautical Center, Central Region Counsel, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has issued an opinion concluding that the GATS Forms for all US Trust Branches comply with applicable federal law, are in due form for filing, and will support aircraft registration in the name of the relevant GATS Trustee or GATS Trust, as applicable.

In line with the efficiency objectives of GATS, the opinion is a ‘global opinion’, the intent of which being to cover any Designated Transaction (using the electronic, non-amendable GATS Forms) and the filing GATS Instrument(s) based on the applicable GATS Form generated by each Designated Transaction.

The filing of each GATS Instrument with the FAA will need to be accompanied by certificate, as outlined in the opinion, certifying the conformity of such GATS Instrument with the corresponding GATS Form.


GATS Digital Signature Methodology

This memo explains what digital signatures are, how they work, and the processes by which the GATS Platform uses digital signature technology to enable users on the GATS Platform to digitally sign and execute, on behalf of entities, GATS Instruments.

Guidance Materials

The GATS Guidance Materials document provides an overview of the GATS platform. These are designed to provide a summary guide to certain aspects of the Global Aircraft Trading System (GATS). The document is provided in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking the button to the right.

Glossary of Terms

The GATS Glossary of terms provides a definition for the GATS specific terminology used throughout the GATS platform.


For further information about GATS, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Become or Remain a Digital Certificate User

Additional information on requirements to become or remain a GATS Digital Certificate User


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